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Clarice Cliff

Clarice Cliff will remain one of the most renowned ceramic artists of the 20th century.
Her visually stimulating Bizarre Ware as well as her other more run of the mill patterns
have achieved worldwide recognition.
Today 100 years on from her birth in the potteries town of Tunstal in 1899,
her designs have continued to break records in auction houses around the world.

Clarice’s extraordinary life, from a humble enameller, to chief designer of a large factory
has been fully chronicled in numerous books. Her unique gift was in taking parts of the
English countryside and turning them into homely scenes that appealed to everyone.

Clarice’s unique ability was, that unlike all other designers in the 1930’s,
she was not influenced by artistic misconceptions or snobbery.

In 1940 Clarice married Colley Shorter, one of the directors on A.J.Wilkinson,
where Clarice had worked and they moved to Chetwynd house, Clayton in Stoke on Trent.
In 1942 the war office took over the pottery, Colley shorter died in 1963 and Clarice sold
A.J.Wilkinson to Mid-Winter. Clarice died peacefully at Chetwynd house in 1972.

Clarice's bright, vibrant and unique style remains to this day as original as it did when
Clarice created her Bizarre style of work in the 1930’s.

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