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The origins of the art of glass blowing in Venice go back to before the first millennium,
and today Venetian glass production is at its pinnacle, and world renowned for its quality
and form.
The island of Murano was to become the capital of glass production in the world,
initiated in 1291, by verdict of the Doge being the chief magistrate of the republic of
Venice and Genoa. Such an affinity between Venice and Murano is curiously seen
as the morphology of the two cities share the same names for the public squares,
streets, internal canals and even the same “Grand Canal” which runs through the centre of each.
The specific quality of glass, and the feature that separates it from other materials,
i.e. metals, is the way it slowly solidifies from its liquid state to its rigid solid state,
thus allowing the glass master to shape the object which will have all the rigidity of
a solid body but recall the liquid by its transparency. 
The homogeneity and the transparency of murano glass is guaranteed by the purity
of the raw materials, and the unique methods used.
Once completed, the glass object must suggest the particular process it has undergone.
The manual dexterity of the murano glass masters is more to be seen in freehand modelling.
In recent times, blown glass with thick walls and heavy glass ornaments have followed fashion
and style trends.

The murano glass masters have embraced new methods and with the use of new colours,
and the inclusion of fine gold and silver, continue to produce examples of murano glass
renowned the world over.

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